Guangzhou yonghong watch technology development co., LTD. locates in guangzhou city of vitality, is a research and development, design, manufacturing and selling; as a complete industrial chain of modern enterprise,which pour create three brand name"EYKI ", "KIMIO ", "JIUSKO ", and towards glory.

Adhering to the "professional, dedicated, integrity, win-win" concept, guangzhou yonghong achieved a continuously realizes leapfrog development,established a stable quality of supplier chain, effectived guarantee product quality, constructed sales channels at the same time. we also have a sound retail terminal, to provide professional perfect pre-sale, sale, after-sales service system, so our products are deeply subjected to a large consumer approbation fancy, no matter what’s culture you have, and where you are from.

Profound Knowledge Full Of Pride

Guangzhou yong hong's product development design team is composed of industry elite designers, who always learn from international excellence design concept, and also based on the traditional process, and the domestic market, to innovation and integration, with excellent products for consumers to discover life of different levels, different wonders, from their heart, free interpretation of their life forms. Guangzhou yong hong three brand name profound knowledge, which not only to win more and more recognition in the market, but with new masterpiece appear in Hongkong horological exhibition and shenzhen horological exhibition every year, continuously booming development, and full of pride.

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